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Name: Cédric Vanappelghem
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Volume 100 Syrph the Net edition

Dear members,

StN volume 100 is now available and can be downloaded from


We wanted to publish something special for the 100th volume. The new volume provides a set of maps, showing the distribution of 563 syrphid species in France, at the level of the département. With certain exceptions, the maps are based on published distribution records.

Appeal for publication of new departmental records
If you have collected syrphids in France you can easily see, from the distribution maps in vol. 100, whether you have new departmental records. We would urge you to publish any new records, so that they are available for use in future versions of the distribution maps. If you do publish your records, please send us a copy of the publications(s)!

New departmental records you do not have time or opportunity to publish yourself
It can be difficult to publish groups of miscellaneous records, especially if they refer to common or “less interesting” species. Equally, with limited time at one’s disposal, there are often more urgent things requiring publication than a handful of records. If you have records for French syrphid species, from départements lacking records of those species in StN volume 100, and which you do not want to/do not have time to publish yourself, please send them to either of us:

Cédric Vanappelghem: cedric.vanappelghem@espaces-naturels.fr
Martin Speight: speightm@gmail.com

We intend to publish new departmental records sent to us, putting them all together in another StN volume which we aim to publish early in 2019. The volume will be restricted to publication of new departmnental records – records of a species for a department from which it is already recorded will not be included.

Ideally, each record should include the following information:
name of species; name (or number) of département; name of collection site ( with co-ordinates, if possible); date of collection (day/month/year); sex of specimen(s); name of collector; name of identifier

If you send us a record based on a specimen/specimens in a museum collection, please add the name of the museum to the record.

Validation of records
Validation of every record sent to us will not be possible. But, if we receive records which seem strange or unlikely we may seek to get them verified – if they cannot be verified we reserve the right to exclude them from publication. Please note that we will not undertake identification of un-named specimens as part of this initiative, other than under exceptional circumstances and by agreement, in advance.

Best wishes,



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