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The Diptera ("di-ptera" = two-winged) or "true flies" is the largest order of animals in the UK with around 7,000 known species and new ones being discovered every year. They are found in all habitats from the sea shore to mountain tops. Whilst some are agricultural pests or vectors of disease, the great majority are beneficial. They are extremely important as predators on other pests and diseases, as pollinators, as food for other animals and the immature stages of the bulk of the species are involved in the decay of organic matter and the recycling of material back into the soil.

Entomologists who specialise in these insects are "dipterists". In 1993, a group of people who wanted to find out more about every aspect of their lives, including the habitats they require, set up the Dipterists Forum. There is a great deal still to learn about flies. Mapping the distribution of some groups is a major achievement of the Dipterists Forum to date, but the immature stages of the majority of species are still unknown. Many species are becoming increasingly rare as a result of habitat loss and climate change.

Why not join the Dipterists Forum and help us find out more about flies? There is so much still to learn; we welcome beginners and there are always people who can help you out in the early stages. You donít need to be an expert, or even to leave your own garden, to contribute to our knowledge of these fascinating insects. Flies need your help! Read more ...

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Changes to Constitution concerning the name of the Forum

At present, section 1 of the Constitution reads: "The Organisation shall be called the DIPTERISTS FORUM, hereafter referred to as the Forum."

The following is proposed  as a replacement: "The formal name of the Organisation shall be the DIPTERISTS FORUM, hereafter referred to as the Forum. In less formal situations the Organisation may be called THE SOCIETY FOR THE STUDY OF FLIES (DIPTERA)."

This proposal will be voted upon at the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 26th November 2016 at the Natural History Museum in London.

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Spring field meeting 2017

A note in Bulletin 82 - recently distributed - says there will be no Spring field meeting in 2017. However, we do now intend to hold one. It will be based around Northampton and run from the 25th to the 28th May. Anyone will be able to attend on any or all of those dates, and those wishing to come should book their own accommodation. Further details are available from the Membership Secretary, John Showers.

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Annual meeting and AGM 26-27 November

This year's annual meeting will be held at the Natural History Museum, London, with a day of talks on Saturday 26 November and access to the Diptera collection on Sunday 27 November.  This event is free and open to non-members, all you need to do is turn up!

Please access the museum via the staff entrance on Exhibition Road and sign in as a visitor at the reception desk.  From there you will be directed to the Neil Chalmers Suite (Saturday) or Angela Marmont Centre (Sunday).
There will be a prize for the best Diptera exhibit, so if you have something to display please bring it along on Saturday.  Pemberley Books will also be in attendance.

If you would like to join us for the Dipterists Supper on Saturday evening please contact Duncan Sivell (d.sivell@nhm.ac.uk) in advance of the meeting or early on Saturday morning.  We will be dining in a local Italian restaurant.

The programme for the meeting is as follows:

Neil Chalmers Suite       
Saturday 26 November   
10:00    Venue opens (set out exhibits)   
10:30    Introduction and welcome to the NHM   
               Duncan Sivell
10:40    Diptera phylogeny: any light at the end of the tunnel?
               Vladimir Blagoderov
11:00    Developing studies in the Anisopodidae: some tropical data   
               Geoff Hancock
11:20    Tea & coffee   
11:40    The study of blow fly intra-puparial development for post-mortem interval estimations   
               Daniel Martin-Vega
12:00    Annual General Meeting   
13:00    Lunch   
14:00    Judging of exhibits prize giving   
14:10    The Slime Flux pub, its drinkers, loafers and pullers   
               Rob Wolton
14:40    Tales from the riverbank- revisiting the Diptera of exposed riverine sediments   
               Steve Hewitt
15:10    Tea & coffee   
15:30    Dipterology into policy: bluetongue virus and Culicoides biting midges   
               Simon Carpenter
16:00    Further discussion and mingling   
16:30    Close of session - take exhibits down   
17:00    Vacate the venue - move to Queen's Arms   
19:00    Dipterists Supper in Rocco restaurant   
Angela Marmont Centre
Sunday 27 November       
10:00    Venue opens   
10:30    Arrange access to the Diptera collection   
11:00    Workshop: drying and setting wet Diptera specimens   
13:00    Lunch   
16:30    Close of session - begin tidying up
17:00    Vacate the venue

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Downloads of Dipterists Forum Bulletins

A reminder that all but the last 3 can be downloaded, links are at http://www.dipteristsforum.org.uk/t4317 … letin.html

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BRISC - Recorder News 2016

Frequently there's an item on Diptera in BRISC's excellent newsletter.
The latest has a report by Lee Johnson of an "Introduction to Fly Families" course at Preston Montford.
Get it at http://brisc.org.uk/newsletters/Pending … ooklet.pdf
or http://brisc.org.uk/newsletters/Pending … Screen.pdf

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