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The Diptera ("di-ptera" = two-winged) or "true flies" is the largest order of animals in the UK with around 7,000 known species and new ones being discovered every year. They are found in all habitats from the sea shore to mountain tops. Whilst some are agricultural pests or vectors of disease, the great majority are beneficial. They are extremely important as predators on other pests and diseases, as pollinators, as food for other animals and the immature stages of the bulk of the species are involved in the decay of organic matter and the recycling of material back into the soil.

Entomologists who specialise in these insects are "dipterists". In 1993, a group of people who wanted to find out more about every aspect of their lives, including the habitats they require, set up the Dipterists Forum. There is a great deal still to learn about flies. Mapping the distribution of some groups is a major achievement of the Dipterists Forum to date, but the immature stages of the majority of species are still unknown. Many species are becoming increasingly rare as a result of habitat loss and climate change.

Why not join the Dipterists Forum and help us find out more about flies? There is so much still to learn; we welcome beginners and there are always people who can help you out in the early stages. You donít need to be an expert, or even to leave your own garden, to contribute to our knowledge of these fascinating insects. Flies need your help! Read more ...

The Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum - 31st July deadline

This is just a reminder to everyone to get in your fly news, articles,  reports, equipment comments, book reviews, nice fly photos etc. (especially a nice portrait fly photo for the front cover) to Darwyn Sumner, copied to me by the 31st July for inclusion in the Autumn edition of the Bulletin.  It will only be as good as you make it!  Thanks, Judy.

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Hi All

Today we have been trending #worldrobberflyday on twitter and on Facebook. People have been adding images and sharing information from across the globe. Have a look if you are on twitter as some of the images are amazing! Also very interesting to find out how many people are working on this group!


p.s. I randomly picked today as i became fed up with the number of 'international love a vertebrate' days that there were!

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Dixella aestivalis

Hello All

Does anyone know of any papers that has information about the larval stage of this species please?


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County Recorders + Recording Scheme details - download

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Online publishing of Dipterists Forum Bulletin

I'm just testing this out at the moment. I've chosen Google Docs for a test run and it's given me a link to a page where I just drop documents (apologies, I gave the actual link previously and that's intended just for me and was causing confusion)
I'm not finding it particularly intuitive but if you get as far as an image of the cover of DF Bulletin #61 via that link then to read it you need to right click it and go hunting for a pdf reader "PDF Viewer"
Let me know how you get on. but don't expect in-depth discussion from me until I've put the current one to bed

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