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#1 2017-08-12 14:13:59

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Help with French


I am translating these sentences from
Séguy, E. (1923). Faune de France, Paris,  Part 6, Diptères Anthomyides, 306-307

however there seems to be a contradiction, have I missed something?

L'oeuf contient une larve complètement formée qui éclôt immédiatement après la ponte (Séguy, 1923)
The egg contains a larva which hatches immediately after laying (Séguy, 1923)

Le cycle évolutif complet de l'oeuf à l'éclosion de la mouche demande près d'une année (Séguy, 1923)
The complete lifecycle from egg to hatching of the fly takes nearly a year (Séguy, 1923)

I can only find hatching as a translation for l'éclosion?

With Best Wishes




#2 2018-12-07 00:39:04

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Re: Help with French

Hello Elisabeth,

Maybe my answer coming to late. The word "éclosion" is used in the first sentence for hatching of larva from egg. In the second sentence it's for the emmergence of adult fly from the pupa.




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