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#1 2008-02-15 23:32:07

Name: Stuart Ball
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Dipterists Digest

Dipterists Digest is the journal of the Dipterists Forum. It is intended for amateur, semi-professional and professional field dipterists with interests in British and NW European flies. All notes and papers submitted to Dipterists Digest are refereed.

The scope of Dipterists Digest is:

* the behaviour, ecology and natural history of flies
* new and improved techniques (e.g. collecting, rearing etc.)
* the conservation of flies
* provisional and interim reports from the Diptera Recording Schemes,
   including maps
* records and assessments of rare or scarce species including those
   new to regions, countries etc,
* local faunal accounts and field meeting results, especially if accompanied
   with good ecological or natural history interpretation
* descriptions of species new to science
* notes on identification including deletions or amendments to standard
   key works and checklists.

Subscription to Dipterists Digest cost 9 per year.




#2 2009-11-24 19:18:38

Derek Whiteley
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Name: Array Array
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Re: Dipterists Digest

Hi Folks
Sorry to say that Dipterists Digest No13 (First Series) has now sold out.
Still plenty of No1, No4 (Moth Flies) No9 (Hoverfly Larvae)
A few No14 and Second Series Vol 1 are available but only a few
Derek Whiteley



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