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Photos of specimens

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Ceratitis capitata by Dejay

Who's interested in my ORKNEY sighting of a Ceratitis capitata? 9 March 2017.

2017-03-11 01:31:21
Ron Allen In my garden by RonAllen

This hoverfly may be Eupeodes nitens photogaphed today 30 May 2014 on sedges by my garden pond adjacent garden and secondary willow woodland in Stroud village, near Petersfield, Hampshire.  If my identification is correct, this would be an unusual location for this species which appears (from the web) to be a scarce arboreal species in ancient woodland, but perhaps my ID is wholly wrong.

Any ideas?

2014-05-31 01:48:31
Pteremis fenestralis? wing venation shot by Marc Taylor

As requested a wing image

2014-02-03 16:34:12
Pteremis fenestralis? by Marc Taylor

Taken January 27th 2014. Apologies for the poor image quality.

2014-01-29 17:31:36
Blue green flies found on sill coverd in Web. by Marc Taylor

I'd appreciate anyone who can help with where to look in identifying these two flies found tangled in spider web on my window just now. I apologise for quality of the images and am really looking for a broad direction not species level lift up.

I am also looking to hear anyone's tips for removing spider web short of picking it off, which I've done before but others may have tips to either make it less time consuming and more effective.

Thanking you in advance.

2013-09-28 15:54:29
Further photos of Tabanidae (?) by Macrophoto

Sorry about that.   I'll get it right in a minute.

2013-07-05 21:01:29
Is this Tabanidae? by Macrophoto

Hello All,

This is my first struggling I.D using Pjotr Oosterbroek's "European Families".   I think the enclosed photos Id this as Tabanidae haematopota pluvialis.   Perhaps some kind person could tell me if I've got it right or not.


2013-07-05 20:54:02
what kind of fly it is? by steplead

Could any one tell me what kind of fly in attached photo?



2013-03-05 14:44:11
Drosophila? by Martin Cooper

I don't have a key, but these little flies are always known as fruit flies in the family. I think it is a Drosophila. Is it possible to be more specific? Can anyone recommend a key? There are hundreds of them in the house at the moment so it would be a good time to have a closer look at them!


2013-01-09 15:51:11
Help with identification, please. by Macrophoto

Hello Folks,
Hope I haven't taken this one too close and cut out anything essential for identification.

Grateful for your help.

2012-06-25 14:10:33

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