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NEMATOCERA, Psychodomorpha, Scatopsoidea

Number of British species: 45

Size: T-S

Difficulty: 2-4


Minute to small (0.5-4 mm), stout Nematocera. Body colour dull or lustrous, dark to black, occasionally with lighter spots or more reddish. Ocelli present; eyes reniform and with an eye bridge present in almost all species; antenna short, with 7-12 segments, the terminal segment often somewhat longer. Wing short and wide, with an anal lobe, clear or slightly tinged; the R-veins well developed and ending far short of the wing tip, the other veins weaker. Legs relatively short and stout; tibiae without apical bristles or spurs.


The larvae live in rotting organic matter, in all sorts of substrates such as rotting plants, vegetables and fruits, in or underneath decaying wood and bark, rot holes in trees, soil, leaf litter, mushrooms and bracket fungi, dung, carrion, ants nests, etc. The adults are found in a wide range of habitats but generally prefer marshy and more open areas where they often visit flowers. Some species form swarms consisting of thousands of individuals on low vegetation and shrubs.


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