NEMATOCERA, Bibionomorpha, Sciaroidea

Number of British species: 3

Size: S

Difficulty: 3

Scheme: Covered by the Fungus gnat recording scheme


Medium sized (6-8 mm), yellowish brown Nematocera with long and slender legs and abdomen, and a characteristic venation (including a long vein R2+3). Head and eyes small; eyes almost touching each other or distinctly dichoptic; ocelli present; antenna with 15 segments, in some cases laterally compressed and/or long pubescent. Thorax vaulted. Wing clear or slightly tinged (Symmerus) or with transverse bands (Ditomyia); anal lobe weak or absent. Coxae elongate; tibiae with long apical bristles or spurs.


The larvae live in bracket fungi and in dead parts of deciduous trees. The adults are found in woodland areas where most of their activity probably takes place at dusk and in the evening.


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