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 +====== Anisopodidae - Window-gnats ======
 +{{:families:image010.jpg?150 }}
 +===== Classification =====
 +NEMATOCERA, Psychodomorpha, Anisopodoidea
 +**Number of British species:** 4
 +**Size:** [[families:size|M]]
 +**Difficulty:** [[families:difficulty|2-3]]
 +===== Characters =====
 +Small to large (4-12 mm), yellowish to brownish Nematocera with slender antennae and abdomen. Head small and rounded; mouthparts small; ocelli present; eyes dichoptic or holoptic; antenna with 16 segments varying from relatively short to longer than head and thorax together. Wing wide, with clear anal lobe and a pattern of smaller markings. Legs slender, relatively long; tibiae with apical spurs.
 +===== Biology =====
 +The larvae live in, and feed on, all sorts of rotting and decomposing material like droppings, dung, vegetables, dying wood, cracks and fissures in trees filled with organic matter, bark, bracket fungi and mushrooms, leaves, roots, sap exuding from tree wounds and other liquids rich in organic matter. The adults are encountered mainly in summer in woodland, meadows, gardens, etc. They are found near the larval habitats, visiting flowers, near sap exuding from tree wounds, and are regularly seen on windows, both indoors and outside, or other vertical surfaces such as tree trunks, walls, etc. Males form swarms to attract females for mating.
 +===== Identification =====
 +[[refs:c:coe_et_al_1950|Coe et al. (1950)]], [[refs:h:hancock_1989|Hancock (1989)]]
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