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 +====== Difficulty ======
 +An attempt to convey the ease or difficulty of identification. This is necessarily subjective and depends largely upon your previous experience.
 +|1|Easy to moderate. No more difficult than most hoverflies. Good keys available.|
 +|2|Good families to move on to for those with experience of group 1. Only a small proportion of difficult species and genera. If genital characters are needed, they are easily seen providing the genitalia are hinged out (e.g. hoverfly genus //Sphaerophoria//). Keys available, but they may be older and require supplementing with other, more recent, literature.|
 +|3|Can be tackled successfully given care and experience, but are quite taxing. Normally require access to a microscope and accurate species identification often requires genitalia preparation. Keys may not be available or are out of date, so access to a range of supplementary literature is necessary.|
 +|4|Require considerable experience and a good microscope. Microscopic preparations of genitalia, and perhaps other features, are essential. Access to voucher collections and a good library also necessary.|
 +|5|Impossible for all practical purposes due to taxonomic difficulties and/or lack of recent keys.|
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