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Xylophagidae - Awl-flies



BRACHYCERA, Xylophagomorpha, Xylophagoidea Number of British species: 3

Size: M-L

Difficulty: 1

Scheme: Covered by the Larger-Brachycera recording scheme


Medium sized to large (5-11 mm) flies, largely devoid of bristles, with long, slender wings, legs and abdomen. Body usually dark with yellow markings, in some cases largely yellow. Eyes dichoptic; antenna simple, with 12, rarely 11 segments. Wing without alula and with markings along the veins or across the wing; cell m3 open; cell cup open or closed. Legs in some cases banded; tibiae with apical bristles or spurs; empodium pulvilliform.


The larvae live underneath tree bark, in rot holes of trees and in decaying deciduous and coniferous trees where they are thought to prey on other invertebrates, including their own species. Adults are mainly found near the larval habitats, especially in more rich and humid forests, often sitting on tree trunks.


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