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Pipunculidae - Big-headed Flies



BRACHYCERA, Muscomocpha Aschiza, Syrphoidea

Number of British species: 93

Size: S-M

Difficulty: 2-4

Study group


Small to large (2-12 mm), dark coloured flies with long, narrow wings and very large eyes occupying nearly all of the semi-spherical to nearly entirely spherical head. Antenna short, third segment usually the largest, with a dorsal arista or style; mouthparts small. Wing clear or tinged brown; vein M1 and cell dm sometimes absent; cell cup elongate, ending acutely just before the wing margin. The female has a lance-like ovipositor.


The larvae are predominantly parasitoids of leafhoppers and planthoppers (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha) except Nephrocerus which has been reared from adult Tipulidae (Koenig & Young 2007). The large eyes of the adult pipunculids apparently play an important role in locating a suitable host, as does the ability to hover in one spot. Once located, the female uses her lance-like ovipositor to deposit an egg directly inside the host. More than one larva may be present in a single host. When nearing completion of development, the larvae eat the host until only an empty shell remains. The larvae then leave through the cuticle to pupariate in the soil.


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