Lonchopteridae - Pointed-wing Flies



BRACHYCERA, Muscomocpha Aschiza, Lonchopteroidea

Number of British species: 7

Size: S

Difficulty: 2


Small (2-5 mm), yellow to brownish black flies with strong bristles and long, subacute wings. Eyes broadly dichoptic; third antennal segment rounded, with a long arista; 1 pair of strong, diverging bristles just above the antennae. Wing clear to tinged, rarely with markings; venation characteristic and sexual dimorphic: in male anal vein reaching the hind margin, in the female ending in vein CuA1.


The larvae feed on rotting vegetable matter, perhaps including mushrooms and bracket fungi. They can be found among dead leaves, in plant debris and other decaying material in various habitats ranging from gardens to woodland and meadows. The adults feed on nectar and are in some cases found in large numbers, often in moist places alongside running or stagnant waters, in woodlands, marshes, some species in the tidal zone; other species prefer drier habitats, some are ubiquitous and occur in a variety of habitats from lowlands to high mountain areas. Most species are bisexual, but at least L. bifurcata (Fallen) is parthenogenetic in most areas of its nearly cosmopolitan range.


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