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 +====== Periscelididae ======
 +{{:families:image166.jpg?150 }}
 +===== Classification =====
 +BRACHYCERA, Muscomorpha Schizophora Acalyptratae, Opomyzoidea
 +**Number of British species:** 3
 +**Size:** [[families:size|S]]
 +**Difficulty:** [[families:difficulty|3]]
 +===== Characters =====
 +Minute to small (1-5 mm), grey or dark coloured flies, often with banded legs. Antenna with second segment overhanging third segment; arista with long rays; ocelli present; Ocellar bristles present; Postvertical bristles diverging; 1 pair of frontal bristles, curving backward; interfrontal bristles absent; a row of vibrissa-like bristles present. Wing clear or with infuscated spots; Costa continuous; vein Sc incomplete; crossvein BM-Cu present; cell cup open or closed. Tibiae without dorsal preapical bristle.
 +===== Biology =====
 +The larvae of this small family live in sap exuding from deciduous trees. The adults are often found near the larval sites and feed on tree sap. Males may be seen hovering near sap runs.
 +===== Identification =====
 +[[refs:d:duda_1934|Duda (1934)]]
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