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 +====== Dryomyzidae ======
 +{{:families:image100.jpg?150 }}
 +===== Classification =====
 +BRACHYCERA, Muscomorpha Schizophora Acalyptratae, Sciomyzoidea
 +**Number of British species:** 6
 +**Size:** [[families:size|M]]
 +**Difficulty:** [[families:difficulty|1]]
 +===== Characters =====
 +Medium sized to large (5-18 mm), yellow, orange, or brown coloured, bristled or quite 'hairy' flies. Arista bare to pubescent; ocelli present; Ocellar bristles present, Postvertical bristles parallel to diverging; r-z pairs of Fbristles, curving obliquely out-backward; scattered interfrontal setulae present; vibrissae absent. Wing clear or tinged and often with dark bands along the crossveins; Costa continuous; vein Sc complete; crossvein BM-Cu present; cell cup closed. Tibiae with dorsal preapical bristle.
 +===== Biology =====
 +The larvae develop in rotting organic matter such as mushrooms and bracket fungi, droppings, carrion, etc. The adults are mainly found in moist, shaded places in woodland areas, usually on putrefying matter, including carrion, decaying mushrooms, excrement and tree sap.
 +===== Identification =====
 +[[refs:c:czerny_1930|Czerny (1930)]], [[refs:e:egglishaw_1960|Egglishaw (1960)]], [[refs:s:steyskal_1957|Steyskal (1957)]]
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