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 +====== Chyromyidae ======
 +{{:families:image068.jpg?150 }}
 +===== Classification =====
 +BRACHYCERA, Muscomorpha Schizophora Acalyptratae, Sphaeroceroidea
 +**Number of British species:** 10
 +**Size:** [[families:size|S]]
 +**Difficulty:** [[families:difficulty|3-4]]
 +===== Characters =====
 +Minute to medium sized (0.5 -8mm), usually yellow to pallid flies with yellow bristles and hairs, in some cases with brown, grey or black markings on head, thorax and abdomen. Arista bare to pubescent; ocelli present; Ocellar bristles present; Postvertical bristles usually present, converging; 2-6 pairs of frontal bristles, rarely absent, the lowermost pair sometimes curving inward; scattered interfrontal setulae present; vibrissae present but weak. Wing unmarked; costa with a subcostal break, vein Sc incomplete or complete, parallel to R<sub>1</sub> up to the costa or apical part pallid; crossvein BM-Cu present, cell cup closed. Tibiae without dorsal preapical bristle.
 +===== Biology =====
 +The larvae are unknown but are believed to develop in a variety of organic detritus, such as nests and excrement of birds, mammal burrows, bat dung, rotting wood, below the bark of trees, etc. Adults are found on flowers, shrubs and grasses; in dry habitats, but also along river banks, in saltmarshes, in caves, and often indoors on windows. Species of //Aphaniosoma// and //Gymnochiromyia// preferentially occur in saltmarshes and semi-arid habitats and are frequent at flowering vegetation; //Chyromya// species seem to be associated with open deciduous woodland.
 +===== Identification =====
 +[[refs:a:andersson_1971b|Andersson (1971b)]], [[refs:a:andersson_1976b|Andersson (1976b)]], [[refs:c:collin_1933|Collin (1933)]], [[refs:c:collin_1949|Collin (1949)]], [[refs:c:czerny_1927|Czerny (1927)]], [[refs:i:ismay_clemons_2001|Ismay & Clemons (2001)]]
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