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 +====== Phaonia jaroschewskii - Hairy Canary Fly ======
 +**Name:** //Phaonia jaroschewskii// (Schnabl, 1888)
 +**Family:** Muscidae
 +**Common name:** Hairy Canary Fly
 +===== Distribution =====
 +Thin scattering of sites in northern England plus New Forest and Burnham Beeches
 +[[http://www.dipteristsforum.org.uk/sgb_nbn_map.php?id=NBNSYS0000030792|Distribution map]] from publicly available, 10km square resolution data on the NBN Gateway.
 +===== Habitat =====
 +Lowland raised bog. This species is found on sphagnum in healthy wet bog systems. It is a good indicator for the quality of sphagnum bog, i.e. it disappears when the bog deteriorates.
 +===== BAP =====
 +Added in 2007
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