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#1 2019-11-26 14:33:07

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Name: Colin Le Boutillier
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Anthomyid - Fucellia tergina

Unless I have got the wrong Family - quite possible.

Took me a long time to believe this is an Anthomyid .  Round back to the head and obvious costal spines donít look much like the species I am used to.  Still it does have a rather large pair of crossed interfrontals. 

Put it through Michael Acklandís key and it goes quite readily to  Fucellia , especially with that obvious process below the base of the hind femur.  Thought I must have gone wrong when a quick look at distribution on the NBN website showed they are all coastal and I rarely get outside Beds.  Panic over when I checked my data label and see I picked it up from a breakwater on the beach at Walton-on-the-Naze on 16 May this year.

Yellow on legs excludes  fucorum , which appears to be a northwestern species in the UK anyway.  Not being familiar with either  tergina or  maritima I am not 100% confident of species but I think it more nearly matches the description and pics of terminalia in Michaelís key for tergina.

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#2 2019-11-26 15:19:23

Michael Ackland
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Name: Michael Ackland
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Re: Anthomyid - Fucellia tergina

It is Fucellia tergina Zett. The lateral view of the hypopygium shows both the epandrium and the cercal plate are somewhat concave. This is a clear distinction from F. maritima Hal. where they are more or less straight.  I had not noted this before, as I generally look at the tubercle on the hind femur which is not illustrated in my keys. I have some drawings somewhere of this tubercle and I will send them to you by email if I can find them. Note that F. fucorum has a similar lateral view of the hypopygium, but black legs as you point out.



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