The Society for the study of flies (Diptera)

Affiliated to the British Entomological and Natural History Society (BENHS)

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Name: Stuart Ball
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Objectives of Dipterists Forum

Dipterists Forum has the following objectives:

    * To foster the study of Diptera, including linking with other
       disciplines where there is a relationship with other animals
       and plants.
    * To promote the recording of all aspects of the natural history
       of Diptera, including the advancement of distribution mapping.
    * To promote the conservation of Diptera.
    * To encourage and support amateurs in harmony with
       professionals in museums, institutes and universities.
    * To organise indoor meetings, workshops, field meetings and
       other relevant events.
    * To disseminate information through newsletters and publications.
    * To focus on the Diptera of the British Isles whilst maintaining an
        interest in those of continental Europe and elsewhere.

You can download a leaflet (PDF file - 167kb) giving more information about the Dipterists Forum.




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