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#1 2008-02-08 12:41:13

Name: Stuart Ball
Registered: 2007-04-21
Posts: 142

Spring workshop 2008, Preston Montford FSC. 7 - 9th March

Beginners Workshop: Starting with Flies - how to get going on identification of Diptera (tutors: Stuart Ball and Roger Morris)

Advanced Workshop: Tachinids and Rhinophorids (tutors: Matt Smith and Chris Raper) for those with some knowledge of the Diptera, but want to tackle those bristly parasite flies. Latest key updates from the experts!

Contact: Preston Montford Field Centre




#2 2008-03-10 19:47:48

Judy Webb
Name: Judith Webb
Registered: 2008-02-21
Posts: 422

Re: Spring workshop 2008, Preston Montford FSC. 7 - 9th March

Congratulations to all tutors on these workshops!  The beginner's workshop on fly families run by Stuart and Roger was actually oversubscribed.  The attendees worked extremely hard and were very appreciative of Roger and Stuart's enthusiasm and ability to make fly families understandable as well as fun.  Matt and Chris had a lab full of people of various abilities for the Tachinids and were kept extremely busy - for myself, the success achieved with their new key was a great feeling.  The whole weekend was a very enjoyable social event as well and Preston Montford provided very good food and comfortable accommodation as always.  Watch out for next year's workshops!



#3 2008-03-12 16:02:34

Name: John Showers
From: Northants
Registered: 2008-02-28
Posts: 73

Re: Spring workshop 2008, Preston Montford FSC. 7 - 9th March

I too want to thank all people who were involved in setting up and running the workshops. It was an excellent weekend and I learnt a lot about those bristly (and not so bristly) Tachinids that I have been ignoring to date. I found the key very clear and where I did have a problem Chris or Matt were able to put me straight. Two of the great strengths of these workshops is having sufficient material to look at and having helpful experts to get you over those initial problems that can be so off-putting when you are starting out.

I'd recommend the workshops to anyone wishing to develop diptera ID skills at whatever level you are at.



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