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#1 2018-10-16 17:56:24

Name: Array Array
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Chloropidae on Cuckoo Pint leaves

I have submitting this for 2 reasons. I'm fairly sure this is Thaumatomyia notata, but if somebody thinks this is wrong or doubtful, then please say.
Also I would have expected it to be on grass, or is that simplistic? It was nearly all the time on Cuckoo Pint leaves, sometimes examining (or eating) some vague yellow lumps on the surface. Mostly these would be almost too small to notice, but I see in text on this species that it feeds on excretions of Chrysomelidae larvae. I would not have expected Chrysomelidae on Cuckoo Pint. I have never noticed any larvae or beetles on Cuckoo Pint before. Am I being simplistic again?



#2 2018-11-08 01:08:29

DF Members
Name: Barbara Ismay
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Re: Chloropidae on Cuckoo Pint leaves

Could you please post a photo as it is impossible to identify without that.



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