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#1 2015-11-01 14:05:05

Howard Bentley
Name: Howard Bentley
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Changes to DF Constitution

Changes to the Dipterists Forum Constitution

Notice is hereby given of changes to the constitution of the Dipterists Forum for approval by the Annual General Meeting to be held on the 21st November 2015.

1.    The Addendum at the end of the Constitution will be removed.
2.    Sections 7f to 7i of the Constitution will be removed.
3.    New sections 7f to 7k with the following text will be inserted into the Constitution:

f)  The Chairman shall be elected for a period of two years, and for the two succeeding years may serve as Vice Chairman. All other Officers with specific responsibilities shall be open to re-election at each AGM.

g)  Ordinary members of the committee who have no specific responsibilities shall stand down after serving a two year term of office, to be re-elected or replaced by new elected members. When ordinary members are appointed to take specific responsibilities during their terms of office they need not stand down, but should stand for re-election as specified in part f above.

h)  The Officers with specific responsibilities referred to in parts f) and g) above shall be Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Bulletin Editor and Dipterists Digest Editor.

i)  The General Committee may at its discretion call a Special General Meeting. Twenty or more fully paid-up members may request in writing that the General Committee call a Special General Meeting stating the reasons, and the General Committee shall decide within 28 days to call such a meeting, or state their reasons for refusing to do so in the next appropriate circular to the entire membership. The General committee shall give at least 14 days notice to the membership of any Special General Meeting.

j)  At Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings 20 fully paid-up members shall constitute a quorum.

k)  Changes to the constitution shall be subject to majority voting at an Annual General Meeting or at a meeting called for that purpose.


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