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Andy chick
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RES Handbooks

Has anyone else noticed that about 50% of the handbooks relating to diptera are significantly reduced on the RES site (due to damage)? i recently got the Scatopdidae & Bibionidae key for 2 and the only damage i noticed was that the staples have gone rusty and tainted the pages slightly (i've had "as new books" arive much worse than that), ive just ordered the Fungus gnat key and i'll let every one know how it arives,

the currently reduced hands relating to diptera (only on the RES site) are as follows


Part 3    Mycetophilidae (Bolitophilinae, Ditomyiinae, Diadocidiinae, Keroplatinae,Sciophilinae and Manotinae). A. M. Hutson,
D. M. Ackland & L N. Kidd. 1980, 111 pp.    (DAMAGED STOCK ONLY) 3.00

Part 7        Scatopsidae and Bibionidae. P Freeman & R.Lane. 1985. 74pp 
(SLIGHT DAMAGE)                                   2.00

Volume 10 Diptera: Cyclorrhapha

Part 5(a)    Tephritdae. I.M. White. 1988, 134pp    (DAMAGED STOCK ONLY)        5.00

Part 5(c)    Sepsidae. A. C. Pont. 1979, 35pp.     (DAMAGED STOCK ONLY)         1.00

Part 5(e)    Lesser Dung Flies (Sphaeroceridae), B. R. Pitkin.
1988, 176pp (DAMAGED STOCK ONLY)    5.00

Part 6        Scuttleflies (Phoridae, except Megaselia) R. H. L. Disney.
1983, 81pp (DAMAGED STOCK ONLY)    3.00

Part 8        Scuttle flies-Megaselia. R.H. L. Disney. 1989, 156pp.
(DAMAGED STOCK ONLY)                     3.00

Part 14        An introduction to the immature stages of British flies.
Diptera larvae, with notes on Eggs, puparia and pupae.
K. G. V. Smith. 1989. 80pp. (DAMAGED COPIES ONLY)              5.00

Hope this is helpful to other members



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