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#1 2008-09-12 16:31:17

Laurence Clemons
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Name: Laurence Clemons
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Recording Scheme

I have only just seen this aspect of the DF website!

Stuart has agreed to put the updated distribution maps (as of 11 September 2008) here, hopefully by the end of the week beginning 15 September. In the meantime please continue to submit as many records as possible - preferably on paper by post.



#2 2011-02-08 14:54:20

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Name: Phil Porter
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Re: Recording Scheme

I have a few Tephritid records for you from Whisby Nature Park Lincoln (SK 915670)
Urophora cardui, 9/6/10, 2 adults on creeping thistle - no specimens
Xyphosia miliaria, 4/7/10, specimen f.
Xyphosia miliaria, 22/8/10, 2 specimens m.&f.
Tephritis formosa, 7/7/10, specimen m.
Cerajocera tussilaginis, 10/7/10, 2 specimens m.&f.
Paroxyna nisella, 10/7/10, specimen f.
Acidia cognata, 16/8/10, specimen f.
Myolegia caesio, 16/8/10, specimen m.

This is a Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust local nature reserve of 350 acres based on worked out gravel pits. I am the warden. We don't have a 'higher authority' for determination in Lincolnshire as Andy Godfrey has for some years been far too busy professionally to effectively carry out that role as he used to. I am really only interested in recording as long as the records can be used for atlases etc. so what is the position regarding confirmation and further dissemination? I have used White and I am reasonably convinced of the determinations although I have one more specimen that is somewhat too damaged to identify. If there is anyone who would be prepared to check these flies I would send them with stamps for return postage. Perhaps you would let me know.

Further I have a couple of picture wings;
Palloptera saltuum, 9/8/10, specimen f.
Rivellia syngenesiae, 15/7/10, specimen f.

Phil Porter
Whisby Nature Park
Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Moor Lane
Thorpe on the Hill
Lincs LN6 9BW
01522 500676

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