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Sargus sp.

I have collected two specimens of a Sargus that were caught in a Robinson moth trap. I am pretty sure they are both males.  Using Stubbs & Drake they key out as S. bipunctatus (the pale hairs that fringe the occiput are not obvious like they are on material I have of S. flavipes) but the legs are mainly black and the specimens are quite small.

Description :  One 10.2 mm long with wing 8.7 mm long; other 9.2 mm long with wing 7.0 mm long.
Occiput with a very limited fringe of pale hairs on lower quarter or less of head (or none?) rest of occiput fringe with short black hairs.  Abdomen very brassy coloured, thorax also brassy under microscope but distinctly green in normal daylight.  Thoracic dorsum with thick coating of ginger-brown hairs. Legs predominantly black: femur black with very narrow yellow base and yellow tip; tibia 20% to 40% yellow at base, rest black; tarsi black for fore and middle legs but first segment of hind leg 50% yellow base and rest all black.

Is there any other European species that fits this description?



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