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#1 2008-08-09 19:04:23

Name: Stuart Ball
Registered: 2007-04-21
Posts: 142

New facility to upload images in posts

I have (at last!) added a facility to the site to allow images to be attached to postings in some of the forums.

The forums affected are:
- General discussion - anyone can upload images
- Identification - anyone can upload images
- Meeting reports - DF members can upload images

In these cases, when you post a new topic, you will see a new section below the posting form entitled "Image Upload". It has a line saying: "Show 0 Upload Slots" where the zero is in a drop-down box. Change zero to the number of images you want to upload (can be up to 20).

You will then see that number of slots with a [Browse] button. Visit each one in turn and browse for one of the desired image files on your computer. Each image can be up to1600x1200 pixels and 512 KB in size.

When you press the [submit] button, the images will be uploaded and will be displayed as a row of 100x100 pixel thumbnails at the bottom of the post - like this one. Clicking on one of these thumbnails will display the full size image.

Note: If you preview your post after you have filled in the file names, the preview will NOT show the images, the file names you have filled in will be lost and you will have to go through the process of filling in the image file names again!

Uploaded Images




#2 2008-08-18 22:52:03

Judy Webb
Name: Judith Webb
Registered: 2008-02-21
Posts: 422

Re: New facility to upload images in posts

thanks, Stuart.  Easy peasy, even for me!


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