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Diptera  [7,064 species; 7,025 GB; 3,416 Ireland] download
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Family: Chironomidae 


There have been considerable advances in knowledge of this family since the 1976 list and the basis for the 1998 list was the contribution to the Palaearctic Catalogue by Ashe & Cranston (1990). Many species have been added to the list since 1976 and by 1998 more than 50 had yet to be formally published as British; 33 of these were reported for the first time in the checklist (of which details were provided by Peter Langton), while others had appeared in a manuscript list of additional names by Langton (1993), which also listed other species published between then and the previous latest keys to the adult males by Pinder (1978). A revised key (Langton & Pinder 2007) incorporated these additions. Species which remain unidentified (sometimes known only from pupal exuviae) are excluded but mentioned in the Notes.

Many species were first recorded for the British Isles from Ireland (especially in Murray & Ashe 1983 and Murray 1996) and some of these had not yet been published from Britain although known to occur. This was taken into account in reporting Irish occurrence (Langton pers. comm.).

As indicated in the Notes, there are several species for which the present names in use are misidentifications or preoccupied and many other taxonomic problems yet to be resolved.


Subfamily: Buchonomyiinae   
Subfamily: Chironominae   
Subfamily: Diamesinae   
Subfamily: Orthocladiinae   
Subfamily: Podonominae   
Subfamily: Prodiamesinae   
Subfamily: Tanypodinae   
Subfamily: Telmatogetoninae   

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