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Some Entomological Equipment Suppliers

Entomological Equipment Suppliers

Alana Ecology Ltd. now part of NHBS

Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies, ALS, Station Road, Hindolvenston, Norfolk, NR20 5DEFG "Specialists in Entomological Equipment" Tel & Fax: 01263 862068, Web: http://www.angleps.com/ - store boxes, pins, nets, microscopes, moth traps, books, micro moth identification service, surveys, Clearwing Pheromones, links to moth web sites

Arnold Johnson, 1, Bron-y-Glyn, Bronwydd, Carmarthen SA33 6JB, Tel:  01267 236329, email: Acj@lucina.freeserve.co.uk Web: http://www.lucina.freeserve.co.uk/ - Insect Breeding Cages and sleeves

B&S Entomological Services, 37 Derrycarne Road, Portadown, Co. Armagh, BT62 1PT, N. Ireland, UK, Tel: +44 (0)77 6738 6751 or +44 (0)28 3833 6922, Fax: +44 (0)28 3833 6922, email: enquiries@entomology.org.uk Web: http://www.entomology.org.uk/ –folding-frame nets, sweep nets, Malaise (flight-interception) and emergence traps (products of former Marris House Nets)

Bioquip, Unit 8 Marbury House Farm, Bentleys Farm Lane, Higher Whitley, Warrington, WA4 4QW
, UK, Tel: 0871 734 0111, Fax: 08717340555, email:  sales@bioquip.net Web: http://www.bioquip.net/ " Bioquip supply a range of the equipment for amateur and professional ecologist and naturalist. Products include Schwegler Wood Crete Nest-boxes, moth traps, nets, pond-dipping equipment, bat detectors, lamps and generators" pheromone lures

EFE & GB Nets, PO Box 1, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 1YJ (Educational Field Equipment UK Ltd) Tel: 01208 77400, Fax: 01208 77400, email: sales@efe-uk.com Web: http://www.gbnets-uk.com/ - equipment for Aquatic Biology, stream meters, net materials, Malaise Trap Professional equipment at http://www.efe-gbnets.com/

D.J. & D. Henshaw, 34 Rounton Rd., Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 3AR Tel & Fax: 01992  717663 email: djhagro@aol.com – Entomological, Arachnological and Microscopy supplies, magnifiers, specimen tubes, pooters, entomological pins, Plastazote (for lining storeboxes) data label printing service. Silicone tubing for pooters (more flexible than standard PVC). Pins also sold on eBay http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/djanddhenshaw … 4340.l2559

NHBS NHBS Ltd 1-6 The Stables, Ford Road Totnes Devon TQ9 5LE, Tel: 01803 865913, Fax: 01803 865280, email: customer.services@nhbs.com Web: http://www.nhbs.com/ - "Everything for wildlife, science and environment" (also books and DVDs) field and survey equipment previously sold by Alana Ecology Ltd
Watkins & Doncaster "The Naturalists, Established 1874", PO Box 5, Cranbrook, Kent TN18 5EZ, Tel: 0333 800 3133 or o1580 753 133, Fax: 01580 754054, email: sales@watdon.com Web: http://www.watdon.co.uk/the-naturalists/ – long established biological supplies dealer with wide range of entomological equipment, books (including AES publications) "telephone for free illustrated colour catalogue" 

Wildlife Watching Supplies, Town Living Farmhouse, Puddington, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8LW, U.K. Tel: 01884 860692 Fax: 01884 8609 email: enquiries@wildlifewatchingsupplies.co.uk Web: http://www.wildlifewatchingsupplies.co.uk/ - "materials for photography: Dome hides, Bag hides, Lens and Camera covers and Double bean bags. We have a wide range of safety equipment, first aid kits, survival packs, whistles, signalling mirrors, survival bags, hypothermia space blankets, button compasses and insect repellent."

Worldwide Butterflies, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 4QN, Tel: 01935 474608 Fax: 01935 429937 Web: http://www.wwb.co.uk - livestock, equipment (including moth traps), books, plants, mainly Lepidoptera and Phasmids (stick insects etc.)

Microscope Suppliers

Brunel Microscopes Ltd. , Unit 6 Enterprise Centre, Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6QA, Tel: 01249 462655, Fax: 01249 445156, Web: http://www.brunelmicroscopes.co.uk/ - "The One Stop Microscopy Shop .. a wide range of light microscopes, stereomicroscopes, accessories, prepared slides, stains and reagents that are suited to the professional and amateur microscopist .." Also used microscopes at http://www.usedmicroscopes.co.uk/

GX Microscopes (division of GT Vision Ltd.), Cherry Gardens Industrial Estate, Helions Bumpstead Road, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 7AA, UK, Tel: 01440 714737,  Fax: 01440 709421, email: eurosales@gxmicroscopes.com Web: http://www.gxmicroscopes.com/ - " GX Microscopes are fast becoming one of the most popular brands of microscope in the world. Representing great value, high quality for money and offering a huge product range." The URL to GX Optical is: http://www.gxoptical.com/html/dualmag_s … copes.html

Meiji Techno UK, Ltd., The Vineyard, Hillside, Axbridge, Somerset, BS26 2AN, (formerly Hampshire Micro), Tel: 01934  733655, Fax: 01934  733660, email: enquiries@meijitechno.co.ukailto:, Web: http://www.meijitechno.co.uk/ - microscopes and accessories

http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/ UK Microscopy site - "Home of Enthusiast Microscopy on the Web" linked to Brunel Microscopes

Microscopy Supplies

D.J. & D. Henshaw, 34 Rounton Rd., Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 3AR Tel & Fax: 01992  717663 email: djhagro@aol.com (see above under Equipment Suppliers for further details)

Northern Biological Supplies Ltd., 3 Betts Avenue, Marlesham Heath, Ipswich, IP5 7RH. Tel: 01473 623995.

Chemicals for Entomology
Inflammable chemicals such as Ethyl Acetate and Isopropanol cannot be sent through the post and may be difficult to obtain. Isopropanol is used in the electronics industry for cleaning printed circuit boards and may be bought from an electronic equipment supplier such as Maplin if there is a store nearby. Branch locator at http://www.maplin.co.uk/store-finder
. 'Acetone-free Nail Varnish Remover' may consist mainly of Ethyl Acetate and be an easier obtained substitute (check the list of ingredients). It usually contains some water so if used in a killing jar the jar may need to be dried out occasionally if it becomes too wet.

Non British Suppliers

Austerlitz Insect Pins, Csl.C.K. 967, 684  01 Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic email: entomoravia@iol.cz, Web: http://web.telecom.cz/pins/ ( or www.entomoravia.zde.cz )

BioQuip Products, 2321 Gladwick Street, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220, USA Tel: (310) 667- 8800, Fax: (310) 667 8808, Web: http://www.bioquip.com/ - "Equipment, Supplies and Books for Entomology and Related Sciences"

Bioform web shop, Germany Web: http://www.bioform.de - German supplier of Malaise traps, Nets, traps, light collecting, preparation and storage items, digital imaging adaptions, GPS etc

entomopraxis , Balmes, 61, pral. 3, 08007 Barcelona España, Spanish Entomology Supplies and Books dealer with a good range of collecting equipment. Tel: +34 931 621 523, Fax: +34 934 533 603, email: entomopraxis@entomopraxis.com  Web: http://entomopraxis.com/tienda/

ENTO SPHINX s. r. o., Pardubice insect pins, insect boxes, setting boards, field equipment, mounting boards and magnifiers for amateurs and professional entomologists. email: mailto:entosphinx@entosphinx.cz Web: http://www.entosphinx.cz/_CZ/EU/ 

John W. Hock Company, P.O. Box 12852, Gainesville, Florida 32604, U.S.A., Tel: 352.378.3209, Fax: 352.372.1838, Web: http://www.JohnWHock.com - "Experts in Insect Sampling" Malaise, Mosquito and Sandfly traps, aspirators incl. HEPA filter version

HORSE PAL® Web: http://bitingflies.com/ - biting fly trap; commercial Manitoba Trap. Links to biting fly information

Paradox Company Dariusz Skibiński, ul. Jaśminowa 17, 31-432 Cracow, Poland Tel: +48 12 632 41 33, Fax: +48 12 632 41 33, email: info@paradox.co.pl, Web: http://www.insectnet.eu/ - "Since 1993 we are suppliers of high quality equipment for Entomology and Related Sciences." Also literature incl. Continental Coleoptera

Rose Entomology, P.O. Box 1474, Benson, AZ 85602 A division of Rose Engineering Tel: (520) 586-7586, email: mailto:john@roseentomology.com Web: http://www.roseentomology.com/index.html - Professional Entomological Equipment, Pooters, specimen examination stage, nets

Texas Entomology Insect Collecting Information, Web: http://www.texasento.net/equip.htm - organisations and Equipment supplier link (USA)

ENTOMO-PHIL, since 1986.   http://www.entomo.oxatis.com/ French equipment supplier, Pooters etc

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Re: Some Entomological Equipment Suppliers

All AMP Fab insect and specimen collection storage cabinets are built to the Natural History Museum’s exacting specifications using inert materials throughout. Each AMP Fab entomology cabinet is a fully welded steel construction and is designed and manufactured to last for a minimum of fifty years; ensuring the safe storage of specimen collections that are often irreplaceable. Both standard at customised entomology cabinets available.



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