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#1 2008-08-18 01:56:08

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Name: Scotty Dodd
From: Surrey/Hants border
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I literally began looking at craneflies last night, though I do have previous experience with some Diptera and general entomology.

Having struggled with an abundance of photocopies from Stubbs (various) with cross reference to Coe (1950) I have concluded one species, from an area of wetland in VC17, as Limnophila nemoralis. However, on attempting to input the record onto mapmate the genus is not recognised.

Is my version of MM at fault/out of date regards updates or has the nomenclature changed? I'm afraid that I do not have a checklist to hand.

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#2 2008-08-18 15:15:59

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Name: Martin Harvey
From: Buckinghamshire
Registered: 2008-02-27
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Re: Nomenclature


My understanding, which may be wrong!, is that nemoralis is now in genus Neolimnomyia, and in MapMate there is an entry for Neolimnomyia nemoralis. This is the name that appears in the Chandler checklist for Diptera.

In the version I have of Alan's draft keys to Limnophilinae it appears in Neolimnophila, not sure if that is a former usage or a typo.

However, the checklist warns that there is still some taxonomic mystery over the species known as nemoralis, and points out that Alan's  key splits it into four species, although this seems to be a provisional split.

So for specimens that I have identified using Alan's key, I record them on MapMate as Neolimnomyia nemoralis, and in the comment field I put something like "This is the taxon referred to as Neolimnophila (Brachylimnophila) nemoralis s.s. in Stubbs 1997 draft key to Limnophilinae."

If anyone can shed further light on this species complex I'd be interested to hear about it!


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#3 2008-08-18 23:50:35

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Name: Scotty Dodd
From: Surrey/Hants border
Registered: 2008-06-27
Posts: 64

Re: Nomenclature

Thanks Martin, most thorough.

As pleurae are concolorous 'dove grey'  (couplet 5 i.) I have come out before the taxonomic muddle in Stubbs (thank god).

I have taken your advice and made a note in the comments field regarding the provisional taxonomy you reffered to.

Many thanks for taking the trouble.





#4 2012-08-01 00:19:37

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Name: Phil Brighton
From: Warrington
Registered: 2011-10-21
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Re: Nomenclature

I have just hit the same problem as started this thread, arriving at Neolimnophila/ Brachylimnophila nemoralis in Alan's key.   Has the position changed since the last post on this?

Looking at the DF checklist, it is now stated that (Brachylimnophila) nemorale was transferred from genus Limnophila to genus Dicranophragma in 2008.  NBN does not appear to recognise this genus.   It will however accept Neolimnomyia (Brachylimnophila) as a classification without species name (though there appear to be no records for this).  Also under Limnophila it has records for:

nemoralis (brown) sensu Stubbs
nemoralis (grey) sensu Stubbs
nemoralis (pallid) sensu Stubbs
nemoralis agg.
nemoralis agg.(excl. separata)
nemoralis separata form D
nemoralis separata seg.

However NBN also has Neolimnomyia nemoralis, which has by far the greatest number of records. 

I have two male specimens - one fitting the dove grey description (nemoralis ss in the key) and the other not.  Does it seem reasonable to record these on NBN as Neolimnomyia nemoralis and Limnophila nemoralis agg. respectively(with comments as suggested above)?  these are the best populated options on NBN.

In summary there seem to be 5 possible genus names: Brachylimnophila, Dicranophragma, Limnophila, Neolimnomyia and Neolimnophila!!!

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#5 2012-08-02 22:56:49

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Name: John Kramer
From: Oadby, Leicester
Registered: 2008-02-20
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Re: Nomenclature

Hi Everybody. Yes there is rather a morass or grimpen mire around that name!!  The species is now known as Dicranophragma nemorale. It used to be in the genus Neolimnomyia, subgenus Brachylimnophila, but a closer look at that subgenus by Stary 2006 caused all the species to be re-located in the genus Dicranophragma. The species D. nemorale is variable in its size and body colour, from nearly black, to grey, but if there are separate species, the work remains to be done to establish them. Edwards (1938) called the different forms as varieties.

John Kramer



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