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#1 2009-02-23 17:07:07

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Help with Coenosia Please!

Dear Dipterists Forum,

Can anyone please tell me if Coenosia attenuata (Hunter fly) is commonly found in the UK (it sometimes is found in glasshouses I am told)?

Do you know if it is considered native?  If it is not native, is their another species that is relatively common with similar size and behaviour?

Coenosia attenuata (also sometimes Coenosia attenuate??) is a native of mainland Europe and may well be in the UK. They are commonly called tiger or hunter flies and are predatory, capturing their prey in flight and returning to a perch to devour!  Some people get also seem to call attenuata by another name Coenosia tigrina or Coenosia humilis but I am not a fly taxonomist, these are probably distinct species. Below is a nice link about C. attenuata.

We currently study vision neurons in a boring model species (Drosophila, sorry to mention this here) and we very much would like to get a colony going of C. attenuata, and any help about how best to rear would be most appreciated (I have found some published papers  but I am after practical solutions).

Please let me know anything about this species,

warmest regards, Trevor



#2 2009-03-06 13:43:19

Laurence Clemons
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Re: Help with Coenosia Please!

Coenosia attenuata is not on the British list. Furthermore Coenosia tigrina and C. humilis are distinct species and not synonyms.



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