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#1 2008-10-03 21:48:46

Name: Stuart Ball
Registered: 2007-04-21
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NBN Gateway

Nobody seems to have noticed that the 10km square maps of species' distributions, accessed from the Checklist on this web-site and generated from data on the NBN Gateway, haven't been working lately. Or at least nobody has let me know if they did notice! Anyway it is fixed now.

The reasons:

Firstly, the NBN Gateway has recently moved to new and more powerful servers and this was accompanied by minor changes to the URLs (web-addresses) used to access NBN Web-services like this. I have now updated the programming of this site to use the new addresses.

Secondly, the NBN servers have been physically moved from Monks Wood to Wallingford near Oxford (because, as I am sure you all know, Monks Wood Experimental Station is being closed down by NERC). This means that the NBN Gateway was unavailable for a couple of days at the start of the week whilst the equipment was in transit. Congratulations to the NBN team for managing such a major move ahead of schedule and with minimal disruption!




#2 2009-02-14 04:03:00

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Name: Array Array
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Re: NBN Gateway

I haven't been updated to it since last month because i got too busy for the past weeks.I'm happy to hear that it is now fix.

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#3 2009-02-17 04:08:04

Jason G
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Name: Jason Green
From: London
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Re: NBN Gateway

Echo'ed - Well done good 'ol NBN!!



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