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Judy Webb
Name: Judith Webb
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DF Beginners workshop, Preston Montford 2-4March 2012

This course was taught by Roger Morris and Alan Stubbs and was well received. A lot was packed into a short time and here are some photos of the cheerful attendees that coped with all that fly information. Here is Alan Stubbs demonstrating the naming of veins in a fly's wings according to the Compstock-Needham system and views of the group working hard. The focus was on being able to recognise the features of each of the fly families and familiarity with features used in keys to identify flies. Each attendee had their own microscope and a set of pinned examples of the fly families produced mainly by a lot of hard work on the part of Roger in collection the previous summer. The new demonstration projection microscope was continually put to good use by the tutors.  Well done to all!  Judy

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