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#1 2008-09-17 19:45:41

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Diptera Parasitoidism

Hello, I hope you can help me with a doubt I have...

It's about diptera parasitoidism

As diptera haven't a morphological ovipositor (like hymenoptera terebrantia have) I thought that they lay eggs (or larvae) only ON the host body or on leaves etc... is this true?

I've read that some dipteras, like some Pipunculidae species, some Cryptochaetidae and some Tachinidae (not sure of this) lay their eggs IN the host body. Is this an exception on the above "rule" or I'm rong considering diptera ovipositioning not IN host's body?


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#2 2008-10-28 18:34:05

Judy Webb
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Re: Diptera Parasitoidism

I think Pipunculid females all have a sharp piercing ovipositor for puncturing hosts (usually bugs) to lay eggs inside -why not ask Dave Gibbs under the Pip recording scheme?.  Some Tachinid females have a piercing structure on the female terminalia separate from the ovipositor to lay an egg directly into the host (commonly a lepidopteran caterpillar) through a wound.  Many more Tachinid females simply lay the eggs on the surface of the host or on the food plant of the host (where they are ingested by the host).  See the RES Tachinid key by Belshaw (1993) for more details, or the Tachinidae website for the Tachinid recording scheme.



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