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#1 2010-12-08 20:49:12

Judy Webb
Name: Judith Webb
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Dipterists Day 27th November at the Oxford University Museum

How lucky we were that the really bad weather had not taken hold this far south on the weekend of the 27th.  Despite the sad lack of two talks related to the Culicidae, the other speakers extended their talks and we heard about amazing Chloropids from John Ismay, the wealth of exciting flies to be found in the prime habitats of the New Forest Mires from Steve Falk and from me, the story of the Jet ant, its associated fly and their poplar tree home only a mile or so from the University Museum in Oxford.  Later Andy Grayson gave a really fascinating presentation on the secrets of the Oestridae (bots and warbles - not for those with weak stomachs!) and Barbara Ismay warmed us up with wonderful images of the Costa Rican Dipterology Congress and exotic Costa Rican flies.

I'm told all presentations were much enjoyed.  Access to the OUM fly collections and library on the Saturday, the Friday before and the Sunday after, was also much appreciated and big thanks are due to Darren Mann and helpers at the Museum for enabling it all to go so well.  Malcolm Smart, John and Barbara Ismay also did a lot of work, and especial thanks to the last two for organising the evening meal in the Chinese restaurant in Summertown.  Lots of very good fly chat and socialising!

At the AGM, we heard how much the Forum is thriving and that membership is within sight of the 400 mark.  The other landmark event was the resignation of Alan Stubbs from the DF committee.  Alan is truly the father of the Dipterists Forum, being the original instigator of the organisation which started as the 'Cranefly Recording Scheme' in 1973 and morphed into the Dipterists Forum in 1995.  For quite a few years he did everything - organise indoor and outdoor field meetings, be secretary, write the newsletter (now the Bulletin)...........it now takes a whole team of us to do all those jobs, and Alan has always, up to now, been somewhere within the committee structure as the Forum has grown. Alan will of course not retire to rest, but to redouble his efforts in other areas to do with his role in 'Buglife, the Invertebrate Conservation Trust' and perhaps with the Cranefly identification and ecology book that is in the pipeline (yes please!!).

Stuart spoke at some length at the AGM on the debt the Forum owes to Alan and there was much applause at the end.  Here is just the one photo I managed to snap of Alan during his reply to Stuart.

A very memorable event.

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#2 2010-12-09 13:39:21

DF Members
Name: Nigel Jones
From: Shrewsbury
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Re: Dipterists Day 27th November at the Oxford University Museum

Wish I could have made it, if only to join in the applause for Alan - truly a lynch-pin of British Dipterology. If Alan's stepping down from the DF committee means he can spend more time on the Cranefly book (and I see that an updated Soldierflies and Allies is also planned) then this can only be good news. Anyway I'd like to place on record my thanks to Alan for all the fantastic work he has done and no doubt will continue to do away from the DF committee.

Nigel Jones



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