The Society for the study of flies (Diptera)

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News and events on our new website

Don't forget to keep an eye on the news and events pages of the new website - lots of new things are being added at the moment, including:

- Upland Diptera Recording Group https://www.dipterists.org.uk/upland
- Fly of the month https://www.dipterists.org.uk/news/flies-months
- Spring field meeting https://www.dipterists.org.uk/events/di … est-sussex
- Summer field meeting https://www.dipterists.org.uk/events/di … l-scotland
- Bursaries for summer meeting (DEADLINE 28 February) https://www.dipterists.org.uk/events/bursaries
- Blowfly trapping project https://www.dipterists.org.uk/news/call … ding-flies
- Special offers on Dipterist Starter Kit and microscopes for Year of the Fly https://www.dipterists.org.uk/news/spec … er-kit-als and https://www.dipterists.org.uk/news/anot … r-year-fly

Full news listing: https://www.dipterists.org.uk/news
Full events listing: https://www.dipterists.org.uk/events

Thanks to all members who attend and help run all this activity.

Soldierflies and Allies Recording Scheme



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