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#1 2019-02-20 00:09:33

Name: Ken Merrifield
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Fundraising site for legal costs of defending Coul Links

Fundraising site for legal costs of defending Coul Links at the public enquiry
A funding site has been set up to raise money for the legal costs in defending Coul Links at the public enquiry.
"The Save Coul Links Conservation Coalition was formed by seven nature conservation charities to help save Coul Links - an internationally important wildlife site threatened by development plans.  ...  We plan to present witnesses at the public inquiry that will outline the national and international environmental importance of Coul Links. We are looking to raise funds to support the work of our legal team for the public inquiry."
They are asking for pledges that will only be taken if the target sum is reched by 19 March 2019. The site suggests an optional additional donation of 10% towards their running costs and other campaigns. It is not clear to me if it would be taken if the target is not reached, but you can opt out.

Earlier post
Coul Links - Fonseca's seed fly - action please 2018-07-06

RobWolton wrote:

Highland Council has approved the conversion to a golf course of part of Coul Links, an important site for Diptera including one of very few sites known for the endemic Fonseca's seedfly, Botanophila fonsecai.  They have chosen to disregard the national and international importance of the site for wildlife and the huge number of objections received, including from Scottish Natural Heritage, Buglife, RSPB and ourselves.  The last chance for the site is to persuade the Scottish Government to review and reverse the decision.  Please add your voice to the call from them do do this, by taking part in the petition at https://e-activist.com/page/25176/actio … d=Buglife.  Thanks! Robert Wolton, Chairman and Acting Conservation Officer, DF.


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