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Name: Nigel Jones
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Canacidae from Morfa Harlech - DF Field week

I'm working through the specimens I collected from Morfa Harlech during the DF field week last June. I certainly have collected Tethina albosetulosa, but among the dozen specimens I swept are two that might be T. iliota. However, without reference specimens to check against I'm reluctant to go firm on the ID for this second species. Keys indicate that T. iliota has a "distinctly" longer face (my specimens have faces that are slightly longer than high) and it has a more nose like and protruding carina on the lower part of the face - comparing the two potential species,my putative T. iliota,  with the longer faces, do appear to have a more prominent carina.

I have photographed what I think may be T. iliota and what I am confident are albosetulosa. Can anyone provide an opinion based on their experience of these two species?

In the attached images the putative iliota is on the left and the albosetulosa is on the right.

PS - I also collected T. grisea

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