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#1 2016-12-18 15:21:10

Name: Chris Raper
From: Reading, UK
Registered: 2008-03-08
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The Agromyzidae, leaf-mining flies, are a large family with approximately 400 species been recorded in the UK. They are a tricky family to identify, with male genitalia examination usually required to ascertain species.

However, some of the larval mines are very distinctive and can immediately give a determination.

The aim of the scheme is to gather records to enable us to gain a much greater understanding of these small flies, in terms of life-style habits, distribution and population trends.

It is hoped that in the future, the scheme will be able to produce a comprehensive atlas for Agromyzidae.

Records, of either adults or larval mines, can be sent to the scheme organiser, Barry Warrington : agromyzidaeRS@gmail.com



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