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#1 2016-03-08 10:11:28

Name: Darwyn Sumner
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French website with Diptera

There's a French website that seems to have similar objectives to ours and diptera.info. Worth adding to the set that you regularly log on to to see what's been found lately.
I asked Phil Withers (who speaks French) "am I to take it that the website http://www.galerie-insecte.org/galerie/ … cropezidae is actually the gallery bit of http://www.insecte.org/forum/ where experts ID stuff that's then bunged on the gallery" and he thinks I'm about right.
The beauty of this site is that it has a rudimentary mapping system built in. I think that the procedure must be that each photograph posting should be accompanied by the département name (that would be the equivalent of us on this site having to specify Vice-County). Nice use of a French tradition, I've yet to see French records that don't specify département (even as far back as Séguy)
Some nice pictures of groups you might be interested in.
Time to dig out your French dictionaries
(Don't forget to mention dipteristsforum.org.uk if you post anything there)

Darwyn Sumner
DF Bulletin Editor, Scheme Organiser: Stilt & Stalk Flies



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