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Name: John Showers
From: Northants
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Bulletin of Dipterists Forum and Subscriptions

The Autumn edition will be despatched to members around next weekend. However it will only be sent to those who have paid their subscriptions (including those who did not update their bankers orders to the 2014 rates.). So if you do not receive your copy within a couple of weeks it is probably because we have no record of you having paid. Please check and if neceassary get in touch with me.

There are still many people paying by bankers order who have not amended their order to the 2014 rates and have not sent me the balance. We included a letter to these people in the last Bulletin and had a reasonable response but far from 100%. So far this year chasing non- and late payers has cost us over £200 so please take a few minutes to check your bank instructions and action accordingly. I am happy to answer any membership queries if you contact me.
John Showers, Membership Secretary



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