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#1 2014-03-21 22:44:52

Gail H
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Name: Array Array
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Chetostoma curvinerve

I have 4 photos of this pretty fly taken recently  on the Worcester Hereford border.
The link to the photos  on my Flickr site is below.
Gail Hampshire

http://www.flickr.com/photos/gails_pict … 195793305/



#2 2014-03-24 01:39:50

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Name: Nigel Jones
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Re: Chetostoma curvinerve

Smashing! A really good record. I'm sure Laurence Clemons (Tephritid Recording Scheme) would like a note of this.

Nigel Jones



#3 2014-03-24 12:04:29

Name: Darwyn Sumner
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Re: Chetostoma curvinerve

I just started to ask iSpot & Flickr posters to pop a link here in the schemes section (for my Stilt & Stalks + Sciomyzidae too I suppose). I reckon it's a lot easier to pick up odd records that way than trawling through lots of irrelevant images on iSpot or happening across Flickr images. Maybe that doesn't work too well for busy schemes but it looks as though it's going to work great for the ones I'm involved with. All iSpot postings have to have full data (except ID) so they're precise records, that Flickr image has full details but I'm not sure that that's mandatory for the Flickr site or just Gail's efficiency.
It's all down to whether the organiser is happy to take the occasional look in this schemes section. Emailing the iSpot/Flickr link direct to the organiser works too, of course, but you don't get to show off nice pictures or get all this merry banter smile

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Darwyn Sumner
DF Bulletin Editor, Scheme Organiser: Stilt & Stalk Flies



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