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#1 2008-02-15 01:18:11

Name: Stuart Ball
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Sciomyzid recording scheme

Sciomyzidae are known as "snail-killing flies", and the scheme also covers the Phaeomyiidae (formerly included as a subfamily of Sciomyzidae). The two families include a total of 67 species.

This is a popular group of acalyptrates since many of the species are attractively coloured and have wing-patterns, while most of the species are of medium to large in size. They are fairly easy to recognise in general appearance, with the combination of porrect (=pointing forward) antennae and a habit of stretching out their fore legs when walking in a net.

The larvae, where they are known, are predators or parasitoids of either aquatic or terrestrial snails (and a few specialise on slugs or pea-clams). The larvae of the two species of Phaeomyiidae are believed to feed on millipedes.

Identification of both families is fairly easy using Rozkošný (1984) plus some additional papers, although for most species the male genitalia should be checked. They are a very important group for ecological evaluation of various wetlands, and a few terrestrial habitats including calcareous grassland and woodland.

The scheme has published a preliminary atlas (Ball & McLean, 1986) and is preparing an identification key and updated atlas.

Ian McLean accepts material of critical species for identification.

Organiser: Ian McLean, email: ianmclean@waitrose.com




#2 2015-09-25 23:58:34

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Name: Julian Branscombe
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Re: Sciomyzid recording scheme

Is there any progress on the ID key that's mentioned above as being in preparation by the scheme?
Thanks, Julian



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