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Name: Stuart Ball
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Hoverfly recording scheme

This is the family that many people start with because of the attractive and colourful appearance of many species. There are just a few awkward genera but the majority are quite easy. "British Hoverflies" (Stubbs & Falk, 2002) includes paintings of over 190 species in colour, as well as many diagrams in the keys, plus genitalia drawings of Cheilosia and Sphaerophoria species.

The recording scheme has published a provisional atlas (Ball & Morris, 2000) which also includes summaries on biology and phenology of each species.

A colour guide to larvae (Rotheray, 1993) will encourage further studies of the early stages.

A newsletter is produced twice yearly. Newsletter Editor: David Iliff, email: davidiliff@talk21.com

The recording scheme has a web-site which includes up to date maps for each species.

Dr Stuart Ball, email: stuart.ball@dsl.pipex.com
Roger Morris, email: roger.morris@dsl.pipex.com

The recording scheme has a web-site.




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