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Dufouria spp (probably D chalybeata - Tachinidae by conopid

Following the brilliant workshop on Tachinidae at Preston Montford, I am keeping my hand in with this family. With practice they are not nearly as terrifying to determine as they may first seem! This one is Dufouria (nice and glossy black species). Probably D chalybeata.

2008-03-14 02:28:31
Nephrocerus scutellatus by chris

One of the rare, large Pipunculids. Larval host unknown. John Ismay and myself have recorded this from Burnham Beeches and there are a few other scattered records.

2008-03-12 20:23:07
Conops specimen by stuart

Pinned specimen

2008-03-10 01:22:02
Mouth hooks of a Lucilia larvae by Andy chick

Slide mounted Lucilia Lavae, mounted in DPX canada balsam subsitute, stained in Acid Fuchsin,

2008-02-29 01:01:24
Geomyza by stuart

Female specimen of Geomyza

2008-02-08 12:55:22

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