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Photos of specimens

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Myopa buccata (Conopidae) by gneve

This is a specimen captured in an oak forest in Var (South France) on 4 June 2010.

2011-03-20 14:19:11
Unidentified by Macrophoto

by Macrophoto.    This photo of 119 slices clearly shows up the proboscis but what are the two tram-like lines either side of mouth?   Canon EOS+MP-E65 illuminated with fibreoptics.  Can anyone recommend a book on morphology?

2010-10-24 14:27:02
Unidentified by Macrophoto

by Macrophoto.   Stack of 160 in Heliconfocus.   Canon EOS 50D and MP-E65 Lens + LED Dome illumination.    Caught in garden WSM.   Just a novice I would appreciate it if you could add a name to this specimen.

2010-10-23 16:01:53
Unidentified by Macrophoto by Macrophoto

Would be grateful for your identification.   Stack of 135 slices.  Camera: Canon EOS 50D + MP-E65 + bellows on Optical bench.  LED Dome illumination.   Caught near Strawberry Line Cycle Path at Yatton.

2010-10-23 15:50:29
Myolepta potens by martinm

The broad black stripe, wider at the top, on the face of this male specimen, distinguishes this species from M. dubia.

2010-10-14 20:54:28
Myolepta dubia by martinm

This close-up of the head shows the narrow black facial stripe which helps to distinguish this species from M. potens.

2010-07-26 11:52:41
Mosquitoes (and 2 Asilids) by Carim

Some of the Mosquitoes i have recently collected.

2010-07-16 00:54:16
Myolepta potens and M. dubia males by martinm

Myolepta potens (left), from the Forest of Dean area, can be compared with M. dubia (right) from the New Forest.  Both specimens were caught during June 2009. See Dipterists Digest (Second Series) 16, 187-188. More photos should appear on the Hoverfly Recording Scheme website soon.

2009-12-31 12:58:07
Calliphora Vomitoria microscope section .eosin stain. by RobertM

early attempt at sectioning, single stain, showing gut, abdomen air pockets, specimen < 5 hours from emergance.

2009-10-23 04:19:37
second Stacked image with Helicon Focus. by RobertM

stack of 20 images taken with canon 450D using Tamron 90-300 macro zoom lens and raynox macro lens added. flash lighting. sample from Shipley west yorks, daytime active resting on grass. specimen held by pin in mid thorax, removed in photoshop.

2009-08-21 02:52:12

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